How Do I Become a Golf Pro?

The best ways to Start a Professional Golf Career

Young players who enjoy the sport of golf may have dreams of playing on the professional golf circuit. Leading members make enormous quantities of cash in endorsements and prize money, get to take a trip the world and do all of it in an area they love. Similar to any sort of sport, there is a means to establish yourself in lower-level competitions to work your method up to the pro condition. The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) has challenging rules users need to fulfill.

Possibilities are, just about everybody who has actually ever shot par or under on a championship golf course has at least briefly had visions of playing professional golf. The lure of playing a game for a living on lush green fairways is tantalizing and stimulating. Rest guaranteed, though, before you could stroll the fairways contending against Tiger and Phil, you need to follow a process to become a professional golfer. As soon as you’ve developed sufficient abilities under competition conditions, you must take particular, defined steps to contend as a professional then later play at the highest level, the PGA Tour.

Step 1

Begin playing golf as very early as possible and contend in junior tournaments. While there are exceptions– such as Y.E. Yang, the 2009 PGA Championship winner who began at age 19, and three-time significant event winner Larry Nelson, who took up the game at age 21 — most pro golfers began playing as a teenager. The model for professional achievement is exemplified by super stars such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy, who began swinging clubs as toddlers. Continue reading