Golf – Getting Out of the Trouble Spots

A Golf Teaching Aid to Help Improve Your Game

A dream round of golf would consist of striking every fairway and green lawn if you’re anything like me. OK, I suspect it’s time to get up. When playing a round of golf you’re going to find yourself in some hard positions out on the course at times. This golf training will help you much better comprehend the best ways to golf them without making those dreadful bogeys and double bogeys.

In The Bunker

As a child I took pleasure in playing in the sand, but out on the golf course it’s a different story. I try to prevent it as much as I can. So, exactly what do you do when you discover yourself in over your ankles in the sand?

First, remember that you are not allowed to ground your golf club or let it touch the sand prior to striking your shot. In order to strike a great bunker shot you should get your feet into the sand as firmly as possible. Wiggle you feet in the sand to help establish a firm base.


Next, open your position a bit and purposefully swing a little left of the pin, or your desired target. Take a full swing at the ball. You do not want to attempt or get charming by attempting a half or three quarter swing. Hit just behind the ball in order to get it up and out of the bunker.

Practice this shot as frequently on the practice range. You’ll have to strike numerous bunker shots in order to evaluate your distance and get used to hitting out of the sand.

If you happen to be unlucky and get a buried lie, or fried egg as they call it, the strategy will differ a little. This is probably the most difficult shot in golf, so don’t be saddened by any poor outcomes.

An Uphill Lie

Striking the golf ball from an uphill lie could be a little challenging. It’s an additional shot that needs some practice in order to master.

Initially, you will wish to use another club to compensate for the loss of distance due to the ball flying much higher in the air. So, if you would generally hit a 9-iron to the green, use and 8-iron. You may desire to include an additional club and use a 7-iron if the slope is serious.

Keep your weight on your back foot and lean into the hill on your drop-off, while keeping the golf club and your body relocating up the slope. When you exercise this shot you’ll get the hang of relatively rapidly.

A Downhill Lie

On a shot from a downhill you will do about the opposite of exactly what we did on an uphill lie. The ball is going to go further off of a downhill lie than it would usually go on a flat lie.

Set up with your weight on your forward foot and the ball sitting well back in your position. On the backswing you desire the club to follow through on the exact same angle as the slope of the hill.

Striking Out Of The Rough

Your goal with this shot is to get it out of the rough and back onto the fairway if feasible. Whatever you do, don’t try to get smart and do too much with the shot.

You desire to be able to get the ball up and out of the rough. You might catch a leaflet where the ball comes out hot and goes a great deal further than you expected, or you might strike it fat and the ball just goes an extremely short distance.

The way to enhance your golf game in these situations that we all face with every round of golf we play is to engage in. As soon as you get a manage on exactly how to play these various golf shots, you’ll start to observe a dramatic decrease in your handicap!

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