Golfing Tips for Beginners

“The following article, the first in my series “Golf for Beginners”, is an introduction to learning to play for beginners and those with limited experience. Future articles will concentrate on the techniques I use in actual beginner instruction, starting with “Lesson 1″ and continue through the complete game. I once taught a lady who had never played golf – after only six lessons she shot an 80 on 18 holes. I can’t promise you’ll do as well, but hope this series will help to get you started on the right foot. Be sure to check back for the lessons, which will be provided as my schedule permits.”

Golf Tips

Through the years of golf development there have been some differences of opinions among golf professionals regarding various details of mechanics and playing techniques – the stance, pivot, or swing most suitable for one player not being the best or most suitable for another. The theory and practice of almost every golf professional varied from that of others in some respect, and each would teach their own theory, or own method, and his own game to their respective students.

Many things have contributed to the elimination of most of these differences; and basic fundamentals are agreed upon. As a result, standard golf instruction is now available to golfers desiring to play better golf.

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No matter how well you’ve been hitting the ball off the tee or how softly your approach shots have been landing on the green, you can’t score well if you don’t feel good when you are standing over your putts.

Some golfers who have tons of talent and confidence in all other aspects of the game lose their belief in themselves when they are standing over a 10-foot putt that they need in a round of golf.

On the pro tour, this is likely going to cost the best golfers the chance to win or contend in top tournaments.

While it’s possible to win occasionally when you don’t have a strong belief in your putting ability, it makes an already difficult game that much harder to play when confidence is lacking.

Here’s a look at six of the least confident putters—among players who have had some level of success—on the PGA tour.

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