Sexy Anna Rawson Helps Fix Your Swing

A new golf company founded by Bob Parsons will be soon selling $2,400 sets of irons, or $300 per individual iron. What makes Parsons Xtreme Golf’s irons so good? Perhaps the 483 movable weights per club… And how does Mr. Parsons, the guy behind sell such expensive clubs?  The oldest way in the marketing book, with a sexy female spokeswoman.

Anna Rawson

I met Anna Rawson a few years ago. She wasn’t dressed quite the photo above unfortunately.  It was darn cold here in Utah when she was playing GOLF in an event here. Yes, this former GoDaddy girl actually does play golf.  She was very nice and a pleasure to gawk at… I mean…. talk to.  She really was very nice.

“From tee to green, you’ve never played like this before. With just one swing you can feel and see that PXG clubs are unlike anything else—and you can bet that our marketing is going to make some noise and shake up the industry too.” ~Bob Parsons

Anna was born in 1981 around Adelaide, South Australia to two loving parents. Sadly, her mother passed away just 5 short years later. As a result, Anna and her brother Willy were raised by her father, Jim, and around the time Anna turned 13 years old, she took to the golf course.

At the age of 16, the young Aussie found a new passion when she was a finalist in the Dolly Magazine Cover Contest, an opportunity that jump started her career in modeling. Rawson now had to split her time between school, modeling, and golf, but the bright young woman worked hard at all three and (a few years later) graduated high school ranked in the top 94% of her fellow classmates.

In 1999, the young Rawson won the South Australia Junior Championship, the Victoria Junior Championship, as well as the Jack Newton International Junior Classic. All of these results would be impressive in their own right, but Rawson’s lack of a coach makes them that much more amazing. And, due to these successes, 1999 saw Anna qualify for the Australian National Senior Squad.

The following year, Rawson was recruited to play for the University of Southern California (on a golfing scholarship), after USC scouts saw her play at the Australian Open. Her abilities on the course were put to good use throughout her years at USC, but one of her crowning achievements was her involvement at the 2003 NCAA National Championships in West Lafayette, Indiana. Here Rawson played a large part in USC’s team title victory, with Pepperdine coming in a distant second. In October of that year, Rawson even travelled to meet the President in Washington, a trip where she found out the Leader of the Free World’s golfing abilities were “very average.”


On top of proving her golfing chops at USC, Rawson also proved her academic abilities, by receiving the Pac 10 Scholar Athlete Award 3 years in a row. This multi-talented Aussie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, with a minor in Fine Arts, and moved on to focus all of her attention on her sport.

Rawson hired a professional coach in 2004 and worked hard to take her game to the next level. As a result, she placed fifth at the Orient Masters in China, her first professional tournament, which allowed her to qualify for the Futures League. Here, Rawson scored two more top ten finishes and ranked 22nd in scoring averages. 2005 saw Rawson travel to the Ladies European Tour School and, with her 3rd place finish there, she handily earned a 2006 tour card. A successful 2006 and a solid top-20 finish at the 2007 Q-School gave Anna the opportunity to play in the Ladies Professional Golf Association.

In her time playing on the LGPA tour, Rawson scored top 10 finishes at the American, Korean, and (on home soil) Australian LGPA tours. In 2009, Anna even set a course record in the first round of the Canadian Women’s Open. Today, Anna is not playing golf professionally, but still loves to swing the clubs at charity and corporate events.


Anna Rawson’s 150 tournament appearances have given the Aussie the chance to live a very exciting life, but now the she is focusing her attention off the course. Rawson is currently working as a model and has represented companies like Ecco, Sunice, JLindeberg, Arnold Palmer Golf, Kartel, Godaddy and Trendy Golf. She is also using her wealth of experience, and the writing skills she developed at USC, to share her story and tips in columns she writes for over 15 golfing magazines. The multi-talented Australian beauty Anna Rawson has experienced so much success in every aspect of her life: on the catwalk, on campus, in publications, and (obviously) on the course.

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