Sophie Horn Pics – Forget Natalie Gulbis


I was just minding my business last night, enjoying a Sunday evening on Twitter when an email popped into the inbox. It was from some guy named Ashley Woolfe and he was offering up a photo of the “World’s Hottest Golfer,” UK native Sophie Horn. “I have a picture of The World’s Sexiest Golfer, Sophie Horn, caught changing in the car park at The Open at Lytham. Please email me and I will send it to you,” Woolfe wrote.

And he did send the photo.

But it was just a photo of a hot chick with her shirt off in a car, wearing her famous belt and a white bra.

That’s it. Just a photo.

So there were some questions. Like, what are you promoting? What’s Sophie up to these days? And here’s what we received.

Finally, she’s been adopted as a Forces Sweetheart by some British & US troops in Afghanistan who have been in touch with us, via her website.

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With the Masters Tournament raging, we can’t help but think of golf, although aside from a few hot golfers’ wives (like these PGA WAGs here — well played, Henrik Stenson) the girlwatching is minimal.

All the more reason to bring you the hottest professional lady golfer in the world — Sophie Horn. Sophie is a Brit who in her alter ego The Golf Nurse has dispensed tips on keeping your ball out of the rough. We don’t know what’s more arousing here — the fact that she poses in bikinis and lingerie or that she is longer than you are off the tee. She doesn’t play on the LPGA and we’re not sure where she’d rank in terms of global golfitude, but she is the World #1 in the sexy.

What’s the Golf Nurse’s #1 tip for hackers? Get some lessons – preferably off me at a very reasonable rate!

Would you ever play a PGA event like Annika Sorenstam did? How do you think you would do? I prefer playing with men. I think I would give them a good run for their money.


What male pro golfer would you most like to play the skins game with? The one with the most money; then I wouldn’t feel so bad taking a load off them. [We’re pretty sure she means a “load” of money. So get your mind out of the gutter straight away. –Ed.]

Who is the best dressed male pro golfer? Ian Poulter.

You’ve posed for a lot of photos wearing a bikini and holding a golf club. Would that be permissible attire at a tour event? Depends what tour it is! I think they need to lighten up on the rules — if they think it’s too much skin, maybe I could compromise: Bikini with some knee high socks!

How would you change the rules to make ladies’ golf wear sexier? Scrap the rules and make me Director of Fashion for the LPGA! Simple!

What are the pros of playing golf wearing a bikini? Freedom of movement plus it’s pretty handy in distracting my opponent.

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