Golf – Getting Out of the Trouble Spots

A Golf Teaching Aid to Help Improve Your Game

A dream round of golf would consist of striking every fairway and green lawn if you’re anything like me. OK, I suspect it’s time to get up. When playing a round of golf you’re going to find yourself in some hard positions out on the course at times. This golf training will help you much better comprehend the best ways to golf them without making those dreadful bogeys and double bogeys.

In The Bunker

As a child I took pleasure in playing in the sand, but out on the golf course it’s a different story. I try to prevent it as much as I can. So, exactly what do you do when you discover yourself in over your ankles in the sand?

First, remember that you are not allowed to ground your golf club or let it touch the sand prior to striking your shot. In order to strike a great bunker shot you should get your feet into the sand as firmly as possible. Wiggle you feet in the sand to help establish a firm base. Continue reading