Video – Top 10 Hottest Female Golfers 2016

Golf is a lot harder than it looks. It takes brains, focus, toughness, physical prowess, and a lot of patience. A LOT. No seriously, it does. If you don’t respect golf, then you will likely change your mind after perusing these following 9 ladies who are taking the game by storm. They are getting the job done via spectacular fitness and raw talent for the sport. And yes, they happen to be physically stunning in nature. Let’s review…click to view video.

Women have been playing golf ever since the Ladies Club of St. Andrew’s in Scotland was formed in response to sexist Scottish males not allowing them to play the game in 1867. Women have slowly earned the equal treatment they deserve in the golfing world and finally achieved what they wanted in 1977 when the PGA began to accept female members. There are many talented female golfers from all over the world. Like some of our previous articles, I hope to draw more serious attention to female sports by exploiting basic human desires.

The Women’s World Golf Rankings, also known for sponsorship reasons as the Rolex Rankings, were introduced in February 2006. They are sanctioned by eight women’s golf tours and the organizations behind them: Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA Tour), Ladies European Tour, Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association of Japan (LPGA of Japan Tour), Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA of Korea Tour), Australian Ladies Professional Golf (ALPG Tour), Symetra Tour, China Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour, the Ladies European Tour Access Series and also by the Ladies’ Golf Union, which administers the Women’s British Open and the United States Golf Association which conducts the U.S. Women’s Open.


The idea of introducing a set of women’s rankings similar to the Official World Golf Ranking was developed at the May 2004 World Congress of Women’s Golf, and was first planned for 2005, but then put back to 2006.

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